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"Lorraine's love of sighthounds is obvious in her execution and observation"

Bruce (a lurcher), Boo (a whippet cross lurcher) and Rosie (an Italian Greyhound sized whippet) are a constant source of inspiration. She can often be seen with her dogs on the beautiful Welsh coastline where Corrigan splits her time between the sea views of her New Quay apartment and the breezy woodland of her outdoor workspace. 

A self-taught artist, she began sculpting sighthounds seven years ago and has now developed a unique sophisticated technique using wire, adhesive and layers of fine paper from recycled books. The technique is solid and defined and allows her to refine the sighthound silhouette and feature details unachievable with other mediums. Examples of her work can be seen in her apartment in New Quay, Ceredigion. This space is also available to book.

She plans to open her outdoor woodland studio for workshops and artist retreats in the upcoming future.

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