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Sighthounds crave warmth. They will actively hunt out a single shaft of light in a room. Perhaps it's the mutual exchange of body heat that makes sighthounds work so well in pairs.I like to think they actually enjoy being together.

I love making pairs - capturing that connection and the mirroring of shapes.

From £410


There is an elegance to a sighthound in repose which appeals to me. It might be the arched almost swan-like neck. Or perhaps it's the way they almost disappear inside themselves when they curl up. Or maybe it's just the look they give you when they catch you staring at them in awe. An average sitting dog is 25cm tall

From £205



In Colour

A collection inspired by differing coats and fur colour while exploring alternative media.

From £235

on the move

Though absolute couch potatoes most of the time, sighthounds can occasionally be spotted having crazy outbursts of energy. I wanted to capture this series of movements from setting off to full extension and finally an almost ball-like enclosed posture. There are four sculptured pieces to explain the sequenced movements captured here in sketch.

Each piece in this series will come with a limited edition signed giclee print of an example of my sketches.




Price on application

Please enquire as to current price and lead time

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